Undercover investigation reveals cruelty

Undercover video prompts investigation at Nestlé dairy supplier

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A dairy supplier for Nestlé is under fire following an undercover investigation which shows heartbreaking cruelty to cows. As reported by WJLA News, an investigator with Compassion Over Killing discovered heinous acts of cruelty at Martin Farms, including cows being kicked and stomped – and being sprayed with “scalding” water to make them move.

On Friday, Compassion Over Killing wrote:

Our brave investigator documented the day-to-day miseries forced upon cows and kept hidden behind the dairy industry’s closed doors. This shocking footage inside a PA dairy cow factory farm supplying a massive ice cream plant owned by Nestlé is unlike anything we’ve witnessed

And posted video footage at the farm:

The authorities have been notified about what is happening at the farm – no charges have yet been filed. According to the news agency, animal welfare checks are conducted at farms every three years.

These cows are used to provide product for humans  – is it too much to ask that they be treated with kindness and compassion in the process?

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    • Susan says:

      Here’s an idea: stop consuming dairy. Is it that hard to drink almond, soy or cashewmilk? And there are excellent vegan cheeses are on the market. There will never be humane dairy. Don’t delude yourselves.

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is disgusting, I will not be purchasing anymore Nestle products although I’m sure this abuse isn’t limited only to them. Why a blind eye is being turned to this abuse is deplorable!

  2. eleanor blue thunder higginbotham says:

    we have already made an impact on the meat and dairy industry by not consuming these products


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