Two puppies left in tote and dumped outside of clinic

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In Indianapolis, Indiana, volunteers working at a low cost animal clinic spotted an abandoned tote outside on a cold Monday evening. One of the women went over to check out the bag, and her heart sank when she found two tiny puppies inside. Both puppies had parvovirus; only one survived.

According to Every Dog Counts Rescue, Tara Harris, director of the organization, posted the heartbreaking news on Facebook.

“Abandoned. Simply abandoned. Cold & alone.

We try not to get caught up in thinking about where most of our dogs have come from… but sometimes it’s just too much.
This pair of innocent puppies were left in a tote outside the (closed) FACE clinic last night, sick with Parvovirus. Left by someone who didn’t even leave these tiny babies a blanket to try to stay warm despite the chilly, dropping temperature.”

Harris is convinced the surviving puppy was discovered just in time. The puppies left in the tote  had no food, no water nor even a towel or blanket to keep them warm.

“Luckily, a volunteer happened to find them and asked us to help. They were rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital, but it was too late for 1 pup… she was too cold & too sick, and she died overnight.  The other baby is hanging in there so far.

The puppy is being treated at Noah’s Animal Hospital and is described as a six-week pit bull. The little female has not been named yet, and welcome ideas from the public.

To donate to the puppy’s medical bills, please click here.

Anyone with information about who abandoned these babies, please report to the Mayor’s Action Center: 317.327.4622.

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