Two people arrested following video of horse being dragged behind truck

Video of horse being pulled by truck sparks investigation
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Two people have been arrested following a viral video, showing a horse being dragged behind a moving truck, circulated on Facebook. Colorado’s Grand County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of John Saldate, 59 and Amber Saldate, 33.

In a release, the authorities stated:

The case was investigated by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from the Grand County Animal Control, Colorado Human Society and 14th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. The case will be prosecuted by Chief Deputy District Attorney Kathryn L. Dowdell.

According to the sheriff’s office, each person is being charged  with one count of Animal Cruelty, a class one misdemeanor.

District Attorney Matt Karzen stated:

“Our phone lines and email accounts are getting covered up with inquiries from people interested in the case. Because these events are now the subject of an active prosecution, our ethical obligations prohibit us from discussing it, but interested persons can attend the public court proceedings if they choose.”

Prior article about this situation here.

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