Men accused of strangling shepherd with a belt

Two men accused of repeatedly strangling shepherd with belt until pet died

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Two North Carolina men are accused of repeatedly using a belt to strangle a German shepherd until the dog died. As reported by WLOS News, the men decided to kill the dog after a child was bitten on the ear.

The accused, identified as Dallas Blevins, 27, and Austin Elkins, 21, confessed about what they did to the Yancey County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Gary Banks was told that the dog went after food that a child was eating, and wound up biting her ear – the child required stitches for the wound.

Blevins, father of the child, used his own belt to kill the shepherd – Elkins allegedly held the dog while Blevins repeatedly choked the dog “out of consciousness.” The dog did not survive.

The Yancey County Humane Society has commented on the case:

First and most importantly, we do not believe that anything can ever justify animal cruelty or torture. Given that this case is still active in the court system, we cannot and will not discuss details, but we will offer the opinion that there were better, more humane, ways to handle the situation. Contrary to comments we have read, we do have animal control in our county and they are qualified and capable. We have an excellent working relationship with them. Had the people in question called the Sheriff’s Office, a deputy would have responded and at that point, had the owner wished to relinquish the dog, the Sheriff’s Department would have called us to intake the animal.


We will take in any dog that the Sheriff’s Department confiscates. After a 10 -day rabies quarantine (which would have prevented the child from having to have post exposure shots) we would have performed a behavioral assessment and made a determination as to the adoptability of the dog. We understand that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that can cause any animal to bite, so we would have asked about past bite history, made observations, and made a decision. Sadly, sometimes that decision is that the animal is not safe to put back out into public and we do not hesitate to humanely euthanize if that is the decision.

The men, who were reported to the authorities by a third party, are facing felony animal cruelty charges.

(Screenshot of accused men via WLOS News)


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3 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I wonder if it’s wrong to pray for the type of “retribution” I am thinking

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is disgusting! These morons were not supervising the “child” “when Blevins woke” in the WLOS news story tells it all. Are they even sure this is what happened? I’m willing to bet the dog wasn’t being vicious at all and the “child” was taunting the dog with food and it snapped at the kid and got the ear. These idiots need to be punished for this. There was no need to kill this dog like this, I hope a child never hurts this kid what will they do to them?


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