Great Danes Euthanized

Two Great Danes euthanized after Ohio woman found dead at home

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Two Great Danes have been euthanized after their owner was found dead inside of a home in Wayneville, Ohio. According to multiple sources, 49-year-old Mary Matthews was discovered dead in the bathroom by her husband, Dale Mark Matthews, after he returned home from a 3-day stint in jail, reports the Associated Press.

Matthews told the authorities that he and his wife had rescued the dogs two years ago and stated that one of the dogs had recently shown signs of aggression. There is speculation that Mary, an alcoholic, may not have been coherent enough to call for help after being bitten by one or both of the dogs.

An investigator with the coroner’s office has stated, based on preliminary information, that the victim bled to death, though toxicology reports are not yet in. The police who arrived to Matthews’ home found two underweight Great Danes on the deck of the home – they noted that there was so much dog feces on the deck that the actual decking was not visible. The authorities also found “heaps” of beer cans and multiple medication bottles on the kitchen counters, reports Local 12 News.

According to Local 12 News, Matthews told the authorities that his wife typically took prescription medications and drank each day until she would pass out. With this information, the authorities believe that Mary may not have been clear-headed enough to realize the severity of her injuries.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Woman gets drunk, gets bit by the dogs she obviously has abused and isn’t coherent enough to call for help so, of course, kill the dogs! These dogs never had a chance when these two morons “rescued” them. Who wouldn’t be “aggressive” if left on a deck to fend for themselves!


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