Two dogs involved in 4-year-old child’s hand bitten off will live

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In Layton, Utah, two dogs involved in an accident where a 4-year-old child had his hand bitten off, will not be euthanized.

According to AbcNews, the dogs have been surrendered to Davis County Animal Care and Control and charges that were filed against the owner, will be dropped. On Wednesday, Rhett Nicks, the director of Davis County Animal Care and Control, stated the two huskies, named Polar and Bear, were given to the county “and the process of finding an animal rescue or animal sanctuary for the dogs has begun.”

An investigation began on March 3 when a 4-year-old boy had his hand bitten off by one of the dogs. The child lost his arm from the elbow down and suffered multiple bites on his face and jaw.

It wasn’t a black and white situation…the dog was not running loose at the time, and technically the boy wasn’t injured as the result of an outright attack. The dog was inside of his owner’s fenced yard when the incident took place, and the child put his arm, which was inside of a sock, beneath vinyl fencing. When the dog grabbed hold of the “sock” and pulled, the child suffered a serious injury.

Rhett Nicks, director of Davis County Animal Care and Control, told the news agency, “It’s difficult, I won’t lie. A lot of these cases are not cut and dry.”

Initially the owner of the dogs had been cited with possession of dangerous animals and abatement of public nuisance animals. During the investigative process, a petition to save the lives of Polar and Bear; over 243,000 supporters have signed.

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14 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m glad the dog’s lives will be spared but have to wonder why their owner had to give them up. The child was in the wrong on this one and the whole thing could have been avoided had the kid’s guardian been supervising him. It sounds like the owner had to surrender his dogs to avoid “dangerous dog” charges which were bogus to begin with. I don’t trust the County and hope they just don’t kill the dogs because they supposedly “can’t” find a rescue or sanctuary!

  2. Annie Oakley says:

    So tired of these mentally ill canine vermin apologists. Those mutts should have had a couple of bullets put in them.

    • Frances says:

      The damn lazy ass parents should have been supervising their kid. As to Annie Oakley just another piece of offal. Look it up if you don’t know.Trumpster.

      • Celleene says:

        Some people who wanted to save their lives support Trump. So, don’t loop the majority with ignorant people who automatically want to shoot a dog when it was not their fault.

    • Gaz says:

      kid should have a bullet in him too for trying to break into a house then. the dogs are doing what they should do and see a sock moving on the ground so try to play with it. not their fault, or the owners, that the guardian did not know how to look after their child.

  3. Dinosmom says:

    A much better solution would have been to let the innocent dogs stay with their owner and give the kid up to a rescue or sanctuary. Poor dogs and their owner. I’d hire an attorney and go after the stupid kid and the parents who were clearly negligent in their supervision. Are the getting charged with child neglect or abuse??? They should.

  4. Kim says:

    The owner should not have given the dogs up until a rescue was found.

    They should also file suit against the parents for their child trespassing on property.

  5. Annie Kate says:

    You people commenting are disgusting….this is a small child you are talking about and the dog knew it was a human…dog’s sense of smell is extremely good and they know what humans smell like. They knew it was a human and ripped his arm off and ATE IT!! That is not normal dog behavior and they need to be put down immediately! If these dogs are allowed to be adopted out somewhere else, whatever entity that allows this should be sued when this dog kills a child in his next home.

  6. Dogmom101 says:

    The only ones that should be charged with anything is the child’s parents! Who the hell leaves their FOUR year old unattended? Huskies chase small animals, the kids little arm wiggling through onto the DOGS yard probably looked like a rodent. Not the dogs fault what so ever. Hence why they arent being put down…

    • Daniel says:

      Euthanize the kid and parents. Dogs should go back to owners. Bogus charges against the parents. World needs more dogs than dumbass people.

  7. Vicky says:

    The owner should get their dogs back. A child should have been supervised st this age and it is clearly the parents fault that this accident happened. Who leaves a four year old unsupervised?


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