Two dogs died in El Paso aggressive bee attack

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In El Paso, Texas, two dogs died in an aggressive bee attack. The bees had their hive in an underground sprinkler system in the backyard of one of the neighbor’s who had no idea the hive had grown so large.

According to Kfoxtv.News, the fire department told people in the area to stay in their homes until the hive was under control. Tragically, two dogs lost their lives; one Labrador retriever belonged to the family of Stephen Morton. His family were notified from his doorbell camera system as Morton watched people furiously swatting something and running over to Morton’s home to warn him to bring his dog inside.

“They told me my dog was blanketed in bees. He had tons of bee stings all over his gums, his face, his ears and we still saw bees attached to him under his fur,” Morton explained.

By the time the family arrived home, Morton had already suffered multiple seizures and moments later the dog died. Tragically, another dog also died. The dog had been crying and rolling to get the bees off of him and at the same time, tried to protect the family’s five-month-old puppy. The puppy is now recovering, but sustained a swollen face and sting bumps all over his body.

There are no regulations concerning beehives in El Paso. When the city gets a complaint, they refer the issue to the Environmental Services Department, who in turn calls beekeepers.

Now two dogs are dead. Children in the neighborhood play outside and go to school. Are more tragedies needed before legislation is passed to protect dogs and children?

(Photo of dog via screenshot from Stephen Morton)

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  1. Me' says:

    So sorry for the dogs. Now the neighbor who knew he had a hive growing should be held accountable for their deaths, and anyone bit.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    TWO dogs left outside when the family was not home!?
    Deeply sad about this TRAGEDY! Many blessings for the “hero” dog who died
    saving the puppy! He was the most caring and responsible family member!


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