Adorable puppies only survivors

Two adorable pups were only survivors of litter from the streets of Houston

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Misty, and her sister Mindy, are too cute for words, but they come from a sad situation. The puppies were rescued from the streets of Houston, Texas, along with their mom – and they are the only survivors from their litter.

Mom and puppies are safe with the Forgotten Pet Advocates, but they need a home! On Tuesday, the rescue group wrote:

These two babies were the only ones to survive. They currently weigh about 10 lbs. and were born around 7-2019. They are super sweet and eager to learn new things.
Misty loves to play with her sister. She is adorable.

There is no reason to seek out puppies for sale when darling pups like this are in need of a home. Will you please help these pups find their forever families? They are located in Houston, Texas.

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Application to adopt:

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    We must continue to spread the word IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE–so more and more of these treasures will be saved!

    A SUPER SPECIAL THANKS TO PET RESCUE REPORT–they are often “unsung” heroes who are responsible for saving animals by the THOUSANDS!



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