Trophy hunter that shot sleeping lion identified as man from Illinois

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There continues to be an outpouring of disgust after the video of a trophy hunter surfaced, showing a man sneaking up on a sleeping lion and then shooting it. Guy Gorney, 64, of Manhattan, Illinois had been using the photo on Facebook as his profile.

Gorney, a vice-president of an electrical power supply company, has traveled the world shooting elephants, hippos, wildebeest, antelopes, bears, monkeys, moose and crocodiles. The 17  animals are mounted in his home in what he refers to as his “trophy room.” As if it couldn’t be anymore vile to most people, there are additionally two skins of zebras and a huge Alaskan bear.

The lion he killed and another lioness are posed in the corner of the room in a taxidermy scene.

The video of the 2011 trophy hunt has prompted worldwide outrage after he is seen shooting the beautiful lion several times in the Chewore River bed in Zimbabwe.

The hunter is shown aiming his rifle at the sleeping lion while another man seems to be coaching him to shoot. When the hunter fires off a shot, the lion awakens and arches his back in agony while turning around and momentarily trying to figure out what happened. Before the lion has a chance to get up, the hunter fires a second and a third shot. The guide tells him to stop shooting.

“OK, OK, don’t do anymore.”

At that point, the guide shakes the hand of the hunter telling him what a good job he had done then stating ” a very nice lion” while patting the hunter on the back.

The Facebook photos have since been removed, although prior to editing his page, he posted he had killed 70 animals and bragged about killing the “Big Five” – elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo.

“I like pitting myself against these animals. And what greater trophy than an elephant?, he posted.

Gorney contends he kills animals in the name of conservation, and when he killed two elephants and lions, it was because the animals killed zebras. He doesn’t understand why people are so put off with his hunting, and says he does donate the meat of the animals to villagers.

From the conservation group, Protect All Wildlife, celebrities and animal activists stated hunters like Gorney are only killing for “kicks – plain and simple. Lions are being driven to extinction by this sickening obsession.”

“PIERS MORGAN: This video made me physically sick – next time, wake up the lion, take the gun away and let’s see how brave this pathetic, snivelling, cowardly excuse for a ‘hunter’ really is… well said Piers. How about it do a lion hunt without weapons Guy Gorney, Eva Shockey, Aaron Nielson, Kendall Jenner, etc.”

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