Tragic outcome for abandoned, abused and overbred Victoria

In Rio Grande Valley, Texas, Victoria was found over the weekend on the side of a busy road. She was so desperate and in such excruciating pain, her instincts led her to hide under a metal platform.

Emaciated, weak and with a huge mammary abscess that burst, Victoria rested on the dirty ground. She didn’t know she needed emergency treatment. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately stepped forward to help. Co-founder, Stacey Silverstein posted the heartbreaking photos on social media, along with the few details known of the dog’s painful past.

Unfortunately Victoria died peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday. Her biopsy came back showing she was positive for  TVT – transmissible venereal tumor from being bred so often which had spread to her vital organs.

“Her prognosis was poor,” Stacey explained, “but we would have done anything to save her life. We are heartbroken. Victoria is now pain free and her suffering ended. We hope her POS owners get what they deserve.”

Fly high Victoria; you were loved.

Read her story here.

To help another dog in Victoria’s honor, donations can be sent:

(Photos of Victoria from Rio Grande Valley via RDR NYC)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    So sorry for the loss of Victoria. Bless Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for again coming to the aid of a dog that was used, abused and then tossed away.


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