Kitten tragic ending after being abandoned

Tragic loss – kitten abandoned in parking lot did not survive

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There will be no happily-ever-after for a kitten who was abandoned in the parking lot of a Florida animal shelter. According to the Friends of Manatee County Animal Services, the kitten, dubbed Von, died from injuries that he sustained after being hit by a car in the parking lot at the shelter.

The post announcing Von’s passing reads:

Around 2 p.m. today, our sweet Von passed away unassisted. He was in his carrier with heating pads and a neonate kitten toy that purred and vibrated. I think he didn’t feel alone and maybe waited until he felt like he was back with his mom.

With words of gratitude for those who donated to the grievously injured kitten:

Von’s death was senseless, but the last 8 days of his life were not. He had people across many states rallying for him. He shed light on animal abuse, abandonment of animals, made us think hard about policy’s and procedures and he brought many of us with like hearts together.
Thank you everyone for all that you’ve done, all of your positive messages and donations. You made it possible for us to #FightLikeAKitten.

Animal abandonment is a crime…

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Rest in peace precious one, your life shouldn’t have ended like this. I hope whoever abandoned you will be found and punished. Your little life mattered.


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