Shepherd too scared to move

Too scared to move, senior shepherd in need of assistance

A senior German shepherd, eight years of age, is too scared to move at the Los Angeles County, Baldwin Park, Animal Care Center in California. The dog, dubbed Jordan by networking advocates, tries to disappear within the kennel run which he has called “home” since mid-July.

His advocate writes:

 This is how terrified Jordan is: he would melt into the wall if he could. Jordan is scared out of his mind.

Jordan has been held in quarantine after he snapped at a volunteer when his leash got tangled around his muzzle. Multiple behavior assessment notes about Jordan can be found at this link to Facebook.

This frightened dog needs a special person to save his life – someone with knowledge of shepherds, and patience. Jordan needs structure and security, and the opportunity to become the dog that he is meant to be. Please help him find his person by sharing this article.

Animal care profile for Jordan (aka Blackie) here.

ID #A5302624

4275 N. Elton Street (933.48 mi)
Baldwin Park, California 91706

Phone: (626) 962-3577

Note: Please contact the shelter directly for all inquiries about this dog. The Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact.

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