Thugs torment screaming bear cub separated from its mother

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In Augustin, Romania, the worst of humanity reared its ugly head again. Teenage thugs videoed themselves tormenting a baby bear cub after they found it wandering around – obviously separated from its mother and desperate to be reunited with her again.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the nasty thugs grabbed the bear cub by the scruff of his neck while another young man poked the defenseless baby with a stick. The baby screamed in fright and pain as the bullies laughed and continued their abuse.

Images of the abuse quickly went viral on social media, and the Brasov Police released a statement confirming they had started an investigation into the animal abuse:

“Following the emergence of the images on social media, in which a bear cub can be seen held captive and tortured by a group of men from the commune of Augustin, Brasov County, the Police have opened a criminal file into poaching offences and animal torture.

Investigations are being conducted under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office at Rupea Court in order to determine the identities of those involved and to establish the complete circumstances in which the action took place.”

Although there have been reports the bear cub was released and is fine, the information has not been confirmed.

To view the video, copy and paste this link:

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  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    THUGS!!! No that is a NOT the NAME for these PUKES!!! But I am sure the site would Not Print what I have to say!!! This is a Country the The USA Should Avoid at all Costs… the ANIMALS are Brutalized as are the People!!! So Sad!!!!

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Please support the petitions against animal abuse in Romania! Until recently it was rarely publicized! More info and petitions fighting this can be found on


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