Captive lions killed lodge owner

Three lions held captive at lodge shot dead after attack on their owner

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Three lions, held captive at a safari lodge in South Africa, were shot dead when the lodge owner was attacked. According to multiple news sources, the attack happened at the Mahala View Lion Lodge on Tuesday – the man attacked and killed by the big cats is identified as 70-year-old Leon van Biljon.

Biljon’s death was confirmed on the Mahala View Lion Lodge Facebook page on Thursday in a simple statement reading:

Great loss for everyone. R.I.P. Uncle Leon.

Some page followers offered words of condolence, while other criticized the killing of the lions who were forced to live in captivity:

How sad the Lions were killed becuz they only did what there instinct knows to do…These are wild animals by nature and you force them to live in cages and be exploited by humans…I would think the man KILLED by them would so be heartbroken there lives were ended becuz of there instinct…

Another writes:

If you can’t manage an animal without a weapon- stop trying to hold it captive. Sad story and unfortunate loss of human life, but he knew the risks. Shooting a majestic lion because it was doing what it born to do is absurd. Those that pulled the trigger- karma is real.


The arrogance and foolishness of man to think he can turn a wild lion into a pussycat. SMH. Sad for the lions because they shouldn’t have been in captivity and are facing extinction.

According to the NY Post, the lions were shot so the medics could reach and treat the man who was attacked.

CNN reports that there are more lions living on “lion farms” and sanctuaries than in the wild. According to the website for this lodge, there were only three lions on site – apparently they have all been killed. The lodge promoted “exclusive lion lectures, feedings and game drives for guests.”

(Screenshot via CNN)

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