Thunder the cone dog

The ongoing miracle story of Thunder, the cone-dog

Thunder, the miracle “cone-dog” who was recently found wandering injured and alone in the woods, continues to improve. On Tuesday, the Mendocino Coast Humane Society alerted Facebook followers that plans have been made for Thunder’s care after he is released from the veterinarian.

The shelter writes:

Many of you have asked about Thunder’s placement and adoption. While it is still too early to know for sure what Thunder’s ultimate needs and ideal home situation will be…. We are thrilled to report that Thunder’s rescuer has offered to foster him during his recovery! Despite all that Thunder has gone through, he clearly trusts and adores this amazing woman – and he couldn’t have found a better champion to rest his head upon. 

Davina is the woman who was able to capture Thunder from the woods in Mendocino county, California. Prior to Davina’s intervention, Thunder ran from anyone who approached him.

Davina has also provided a statement about her willingness to provide Thunder with foster care as he continues to recuperate from his multitude of injuries and ailments. She writes:

I am happy to announce that as soon as Thunder is released from special care I will likely be fostering him at home with the help of family and friends.  (We don’t know just yet when he will be coming back to the coast).


My spouse and I have three rescue dogs, including one blind senior dog. We also have two riding horses and a miniature horse rescue, and one rescued cat. My spouse is retired CDF and the dogs are with him around the clock. We have an ‘inlaw apartment’ separate from the house that I will be staying in with Thunder so that he can have the rest and privacy needed for his rehabilitation.

Currently, Thunder’s temperament does not indicate that he is suitable for a permanent home that includes other animals. Davina writes:

While I adore Thunder, I also want what is best for him, even if it means it’s not me. When his medical needs are fulfilled and his behavior has been evaluated we will then discuss his adoption. I absolutely promise you that I will see him through until he is happily settled into that forever home.

Original story about Thunder here.

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