Teenage boy snapped puppy’s leg to ‘test his strength’

A teenage boy in Bloemfontein, South Africa tried to “test his strength” by breaking a puppy’s leg after googling that “bones are hard to break.” According to SPCA inspector Duane Matthee from the Bloemfontein SPCA, the puppy had to undergo emergency surgery.

Authorities responded to the home after a neighbor heard a dog screaming in pain. When Matthee arrived, the teen was present and stated he wanted to test his strength. The puppy’s broken leg protruded from his skin in a bloody puddle.

“What we saw shook us. We found a puppy lying in a pool of blood and hardly able to move. We struggled to get to the dog as a 17-year-old tried to fight us off. We contacted the authorities to help us to get to the dog. While we were waiting for the authorities we tried talking to the boy and asked him what had happened and why he was fighting us off.

The teen didn’t seem to have any remorse for his actions.

“The boy responded that he liked to gym and that he was drinking supplements to build bigger muscles. He saw on social media how people lifted heavy stuff to see what their breaking limits are. We still wanted to know what had happened to the dog, so we asked him again. He said that he wanted to see what he can lift and how strong he was. So he started by lifting heavy metals and breaking a broom stick, but it was not enough. He then googled how strong bones were and what amount of force can break it. He then called his dog and started to press on the dog’s leg. The leg eventually broke with such a force that the bone had punctured through the skin…”

He knew what he was doing, yet continued to torture the pup.

“The poor dog continued to scream while we were waiting for the authorities. We again struggled to get to the dog as by this time the boy had a dangerous object in his hand. We tried to calm him down and said that we just wanted to help the dog. When the authorities eventually arrived on scene, they arrested the boy and we were able to get the dog. We immediately took the dog to the veterinarian. The dog suffered an open fracture and lost a lot of blood, which caused him to be very weak.”

The pup, named Rover had to have his leg amputated and has a long way to recovery. The organization is asking for donations to help with the puppy’s medical costs and the care he will need.

The teen has been charged with animal cruelty.

To help:

Bank details:
Bank: ABSA
Account name: BFN Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Account number: 927 910 2644
Branch code: 632 005
Reference: Rover
You can send a SMS to 42646 with the word Bloemspca. (SMS cost R30)
Visit our website www.bloemfonteinspca.co.za and click on the donate button to do an easy payment towards Rover – reference Rover.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.

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