Teen who torched cat in despicable video won’t get jail time

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In Miami, Florida, the 19-year-old who allegedly torched a cat in a cage and then fed it to his dogs will not get any jail time. On Friday, Roberto Hernandez, who was 17-years-old at the time of the despicable incident, was sentenced to five years of probation and 100 hours of community service.

The video, captured on the a neighbor’s home-surveillance system on July 10, 2016 at the defendant’s home, showed Hernandez “dousing a live cat with some sort of combustible liquid.” Hernandez could be seen flicking lit matches into the cage until it burst into flames. The cat tried to escape while writhing in pain in the cage, and according to the witness, the defendant seemed entertained by the animal’s suffering and sipped on a drink while watching the animal suffer.

“He is seen opening the cage, grabbing the burned animal and throwing it to his pit bulls in order to finish killing the animal or to dispose of its remains,” stated Miami Dade Assistant State Attorney Nicole Garcia in a motion filed last week.

Defense attorneys told the Miami-Dade County Judge Hushin Sayfie the animal in the cage was a raccoon and not a cat, however the judge agreed that no animal should be treated that way, but did not feel the defendant deserved jail time. The judge said she believed Hernandez who claimed the animal was rabid and had been attacking his farm animals.

Hernandez pleaded guilty to one count of felony animal abuse. This was Hernandez’ first offense. Florida animal cruelty laws bans the unnecessary suffering of any “living creature.”

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle issued a statement:

“It is our sincere hope that this young man who brutally caused the torture and death of a defenseless caged cat, will adhere to any suggested psychological or psychiatric treatment imposed by a duly qualified physician. As I have said may times, research shows that individuals who commit acts of cruelty against helpless and trusting animals don’t just stop here. Many of these individuals move on to commit violent acts against their fellow humans.”

(Photo of teen who torched cat video via FB)

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Oh my!

7 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I’ll pray for Street Justice to take care of that savage maggot. Yes Street Justice would be real nice. A long, long beating or whatever it takes to rid the planet of that POS.

  2. Frank Sterle Jr says:

    LET’s face it: cats have been sufficiently superficially unfortunate to have been allocated snake-like ‘vertical slit pupils’, not to mention an open-mouthed fanged hiss when feeling threatened (which always makes me wonder if there’s some shared genetic makeup), in a world that generally loves to hate snakes. Thus, for the foreseeable future they’ll likely remain entangled within a half-witted Hollywood-cliché’s implicit dislike. (Albeit a memorable pet-feline-stroking Roger Moore James Bond moment had him say to another character, “I don’t trust people who don’t like cats.”) Even the comics—especially with the (to me) unpleasant, and sometimes even vicious, Garfield cat—can induce additional contempt for the domesticated feline (especially amongst non-cat-fans).
    As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the vocally progressive national commentator who, via her carte blanch columns, insists upon occasionally proclaiming her contempt for all felines (“I never liked cats”); so much so that she even suggested in a column (just prior to last All Hallows’ Eve, which isn’t a very cat friendly time of year) that Canadian politicians replace their traditional unproductively rude heckling with loud meowing. She closes the piece with the final and perhaps the most impressionable cat-stereotyping line: “My vote is for meowing because I don’t like cats and I’d like to sabotage their brand as much as possible. So if our elected politicians are going to be disrespectful in our House of Commons, they might as well channel the animal that holds us all in contempt.”
    But why feel that way? Maybe as a child she was traumatically attacked by a neighbour’s aggressive cat? Or she witnessed a tom cat biting onto the back of his mate’s neck while copulating and perceived the act as a male unnecessarily physically forcing himself upon a female?
    Nonetheless, I felt a little concerned and couldn’t help but somewhat cynically wonder: If this independent-minded columnist who’s a contentedly-single young woman of colour—a demographic that to me stereotypically must appreciate pet felines—actually dislikes cats that much, why then shouldn’t any of her numerous avid readers?
    I always dread the feline-hating souls willing to procure personal sick-puppy satisfaction from tricking and restraining before torturing to death those sweet-natured thus likely naively-trusting cats whose owners have recklessly allowed them to wander the neighbourhood.
    Perhaps resulting from past bulk contemptible treatment of their species, cats already innately sense that they’re somehow meant to be but a popular target of persecution as they’ve been throughout history. Those cats unfortunate enough to be born black were demonized thus ordered to be slaughtered by the early Church—until, of course, humane citizens strongly protested that death warrant on innocent cats. Quite poetically, preying cats were/are known to keep plague-spreading rodent numbers significantly down …

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Boy did they drop the ball on this one. This POS deserved the maximum This is a serial killer in the making and no amount of “counselling” will EVER have an impact on a monster that “seemed entertained by the animal’s suffering and sipped on a drink while watching the animal suffer”. I hope the idiot “defense” attorney is able to live with themselves defending a monster like this. Hernandez isn’t done killing yet, we will see his name in the papers again!

  4. Gens says:

    Obviously not the smartest judge. Please neighbors let the rest of the community be aware of the monster, so they can PROTECT their animals from him.

  5. Donna Hawkins says:

    Everyone’s blood should run cold at this psychopath’s behavior! Next time he will be more careful! This judge needs her head examined!


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