Teen killed cat in a washing machine

Teen killed cat in washing machine

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A cat is dead after a teen left it inside of a washing machine overnight. As reported by Derbyshire Live, 17-year-old Harry Thompson left a cat named Squeak inside of the machine for long enough that the cat suffocated to death.

RSPCA inspectors stated that it was a “very distressing and sad case.” At youth court, the teen admitted that he was responsible for “causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.” It is reported that Thompson laughed the following morning when Squeak’s dead body was pulled out of the machine.

After Thompson pleaded guilty, he was sentenced to four months of detention training and he is prohibited from owning or caring for an animal for the next five years.

(RSPCA image of washing machine which Squeak suffocated in)

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  1. Whitney says:

    Worthless piece of sh*t kid! I would beat this kid so bad he would be hanging on by a thread! Then laugh in his stupid face!!!

    He needs to be in jail for what he did hes 17 years old and was fine with what he did, thought it was funny!!! Lock him up we dont need him out in the world!


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