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In Boulder, Colorado, a bear that had been previously relocated out of the area in 2015 was killed by wildlife officers on Tuesday after it returned to the area and was deemed aggressive.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued a statement about the bear after residents called stating they had spotted the bear in a residential area near Oak Avenue. When officers arrived, the bear charged at them, but stopped. He eventually retreated to tree and was tranquilized. The report stated the bear was later euthanized because it had previously been tagged and had a history of aggressive behavior.

“The city of Boulder is not a good place for bears to live and forage. CPW (Colorado Parks and Wildlife) tries many different things to prevent bears from living in the city and a vast majority of the time these do not result in the death of a bear. Unfortunately, in this instance it did,” stated a spokesperson for the organization.

“We can’t predict what wildlife will do and if we think there is a greater chance a person may be hurt by a bear in town, we err of the side of human safety…”

A necropsy showed the bear weighed 243 pounds and based on tooth-wear was estimated at 8-10 years old. The male bear’s stomach contents consisted of trash and wrappers from food products, and did not contain food from a natural bear diet. 


As human populations increase and natural habitats for wild animals shrink, killing wildlife remains controversial. As people leave out garbage, fruit, pet food and seeds, black bears are attracted to the easy way of finding food. Blame the bears? When are humans going to accept the responsibility that luring wildlife out of the forests because of carelessness is nothing short of animal cruelty?

Rest in peace bear. We are sorry that humans failed you.

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