Woman dumped dog because boyfriend didn't like him

Stunning Mastiff surrendered to shelter because boyfriend didn’t like dog

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A stunning Italian Mastiff Corso was surrendered to Miami-Dade Animal Services on Wednesday because the woman’s boyfriend didn’t like the dog.

PetHarbor Adoption link A2064215

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For more information about this animal, call:
Miami-Dade Animal Services at (305) 884-1101
Ask for information about animal ID number A2064215

An animal advocate and rescue volunteer had been asked by the dog’s owner earlier in the day if she could help “Kane” find a new home. When the rescuer agreed and asked for a few days to secure a safe foster home for the dog, that didn’t seem to be convenient. Within minutes the owner surrendered her dog to the shelter – sending over Kane’s PetHarbor adoption identification.

“Please if someone knows what door to knock to save his short life. 2 years old & she had him since he was 3 months old. Good with kids and dogs. (No boyfriends,” Isabel Zapata posted on her Facebook page, asking for help finding the dog a new home.

Sadly, the owner was told by Miami-Dade Animal Services there would be no room for surrendered dogs for two weeks.

“So she [ dog’s owner] said to just euthanized him bc she couldn’t take him back. Shelter refused to put him down because they think he is a sweet dog. He hasn’t shown any aggression sign,” the animal advocate wrote.

Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Kane deserves better than this, and sharing his story helps to find his a new life filled with love and respect.

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This woman is very dumb. Animals are great judges of character. If the dog hated the bf, there was a good reason!!!!!!!!!!

    When I was single, I regularly broke up with men who didn’t like my pets. I was a “package deal” (love me, love my pets)…..

  2. Whitney says:

    What s stupid b****!!!!!!!! Watch, she gave her dog up for some douchebag!! HOW CAN YOU JUST GIVE UP YOUR DOG LIKE THAT?!?! She doesn’t DESERVE ANY PETS!!!!


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