Stray puppy covered with mange rescued

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A stray puppy, covered with mange and open sores was discovered scavenging for food on a Houston street. Even worse, when he was found, the eight-month-old puppy had been eating a dead dog to stay alive.


Barely recognizable as a dog, Thomas is under the care of ThisIsHouston, and on Monday was rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital where he remains in serious condition.

The following video is very graphic with strong language and is not suitable for all but the “strong-hearted” viewers. This is when Thomas was rescued from the streets:[0]=68.ARA2zDC_iBgqKPFCW6wtWAdu4tHRyuBH_Qk4H-OadrgRASGo8ZUHfu4YMRjCFt2kO0kvwR2tNOuxRMoQHr2aNIzQkIBSB4BPTt8TfJBzPYgXb5K9q1LgzjH8D

Thomas weighs only 28 pounds and has been eating on his own. His sodium and kidney values are elevated, his blood sugar and glucose levels are low, but he remains on fluids and antibiotics. Additional testing is underway.

On Wednesday, the dog’s latest update included some promising information:

He’s also getting a Bravecto tonight which will help with his demodex mange. He is still VERY tired and the vets did not expect to see much improvement overnight. So he will remain at the ER for a few more days. He also got taken off of morphine and was put on oral pain meds. His eyes have some superficial abrasions and he has severely dry eyes so they are starting eye drops…”

The dog’s extra scabbing has been carefully removed, he has been given frequent medicated baths and is on a careful re-feeding schedule since he is so malnourished. At this point, Thomas’ outlook is promising. This is a stray puppy in desperate need with a strong will to survive.

Check out his latest video:

It is not known what other medical issues Thomas has, but it’s one day at a time. Donations can be made through c Facebook for donate buttons or via PayPal,

Thomas has an Amazon wishlist:…

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