Stray pup heavily infected with ticks rescued by a village of compassion

Dog euthanized after testing positive for Covid-19
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In Donna, Texas, even the most stoic rescuers were shocked when a dog was brought into the rural animal shelter on Tuesday heavily infected with ticks. No one could even imagine the suffering this sweet dog had endured for an extended length of time.

“This sweet stray wandered onto a stranger’s yard who called us for HELP!,” posted Dallas DogRRR-Rescue.Rehab.Reform in Allen, Texas on their Facebook page.”This is her luckiest day…”

Given the name Amora, the dog was rushed to the rescue’s partner veterinarian. She is listed as critical, and the staff will be working with her to stabilize her condition enough to be flown to Dallas. Her prognosis is unknown.

Dallas DogRRR takes in some of the worst medical cases in Texas. To continue to support their mission, donations can be made here:

Paypal [email protected]
Venmo @Dallas-DogRRR

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO – May not be suitable for all viewing audiences:

Wednesday’s update:

Update 8:30 a.m. 7/24

It’s good news this morning! Update from the ground:

“Mi Amor survived the night. They are just now rounding on the hospitalized patients. They will be feeding her in a bit. More ticks have fallen off. They are fine with me coming in to check on her and help get her cleaned up but I will wait until the office is ready. They will be assessing her need for further transfusions later this morning by running another CBC. I’ve asked that they let us know ASAP if she would need to be transferred to another facility for ongoing transfusions or care.”

The remaining ticks will be pulled off today, and when the volunteer is able to get in to see her, we will have more pictures!…”

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