Stray pup defeated and scared hides in the corner and needs help

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Just one-year-old, a German shepherd mix appears defeated and scared. With no hope in sight and with no understanding about what has happened to him, the young stray pup hides in the corner hoping to disappear.

A volunteer at the Houston, Save Lives is our Mission helping at the Harris County Animal Shelter tells this young pup’s heartbreaking story:

“This dog still very young age came as a stray, photo says a million words, in the truck of AC, picked up in 77530 is a mix dog, labeled as a German Shepherd mix, weighs only 35 lbs, tested heartworm negative, he seems defeat and hopeless …what are his chances competing with 200 dogs at the same shelter?”

And so we bring this puppy’s plight to animal advocates in order to share his story and help him find a qualified rescue organization or to friends, family and social media contacts.

“… he is scared,  timid doesn’t know his life matters, we do but he has to feel it! …Please, ADOPT A MUTT!! … my dog was a mutt, until today never will know what mix she was, all I know is that she was AMAZING! this boy, who deserves a name, will call him JEREMIAH, needs a chance!”

If interested in helping Jeremiah, contact the Harris County Animal Shelter at 281.999.3191. Make sure to include ID#A541508 when making inquiries. The shelter is located at 612 Canino Road, Houston, Texas 77074.

“I am male. I look like a black and tan German Shepherd dog mix. My age is 1 yr. old. I have been at the shelter since Sept.11, 2019.


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