Stranger told kids he was ‘sorry’ and shot their dog in face

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In a bizarre and disturbing incident late last week in Dallas, a stranger approached a group of children playing with a young Labrador retriever said “sorry” and then shot the dog in the face.

According to NewsWest9, the Dallas police are trying to identify the suspect described as an African-American male dressed in a black hoodie and wearing a backpack. The event occurred at an apartment complex at 4374 Wooodhollow Drive on Thursday.

The nine-month-old puppy, named Nolan, is owned by Genola Vance and told authorities she had asked her son and nephews to take out the garbage, and the puppy followed the children outside. Just moments later, the children came running back into the house yelling “someone shot Nolan,” and said a stranger told them, “Sorry” just before he shot the dog in the face.

Nolan ran into the house bleeding profusely and was rushed to the VCA Metroplex Animal Hospital for emergency surgery. The bullet entered through the front of his mouth and exited through his jaw, breaking it. Surgeons repaired the fracture with an external fixator, and the dog is expected to make a full recovery after several weeks. The SPCA-Dallas paid for the pup’s surgery.

Nolan is home and is eating soft foods while remaining on pain medication. The puppy was adopted last year, and has become a cherished member of the family. Why anyone would shoot him is a complete mystery.

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Oh my!

3 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    You see even the police in Dallas are referring to that maggot asshole as a male. So if the police can do it, then journalists can also refer to these maggots as either male or female. These savages don’t qualify as human beings and should not be called a man or a woman.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope they find the POS that did this, what is wrong with this world. Those poor kids seeing their dog shot like this. Why on earth dose someone just shoot an innocent dog like this?

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    THE EVIL SCUM MUST BE FOUND! Should be tied up and used for “TARGET PRACTICE”!

    Thank you, SPCA-Dallas. Hope people will send you donations!


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