Calf abuse caught on video during investigation

Stores pulling products after stunning undercover video shows calf abuse

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Stores have started to pull Fair Oaks Farms products from their shelves after a stunning undercover video was released by Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) – the video shows calves being brutally abused and tortured by company employees.

ARM described the abuse which was observed during their investigation:

Employees were observed slapping, kicking, punching, pushing, throwing and slamming calves; calves were stabbed and beaten with steel rebars, hit in the mouth and face with hard plastic milking bottles, kneed in the spine, burned in the face with hot branding irons, subjected to extreme temperatures, provided with improper nutrition, and denied medical attention. This resulted in extreme pain and suffering by the calves, and in some cases permanent injury and even death.

The video footage stands in stark contrast to what is stated on the Fair Oaks Farm website:

Co-founder Mike McCloskey got his start as a veterinarian specializing in dairy cows, so we know how important it is to put our cows’ needs first. And since comfortable, healthy cows produce better quality milk, they reward us with some of the best milk in the industry.

After the video was released, McCloskey issued a statement indicating that the individuals in the video had been fired and he expressed disgust about the abuse that was caught in the undercover investigation:

I am disgusted by and take full responsibility for the actions seen in the footage, as it goes against everything that we stand for in regards to responsible cow care and comfort. The employees featured in the video exercised a complete and total disregard for the documented training that all employees go through to ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of our animals.

Video here – a warning, the footage is heartbreaking.

(Calf image via Pixabay)

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5 replies
  1. Larry says:

    OK – so those responsible have been fired. What about criminal charges for animal cruelty? Surely this abuse would rise to the level of a felony. They should be charged with one felony count for every incident shown on the video. Put them behind bars for many many years.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    PLEASE support Animal Recovery Mission (ARM)! They are TRUE WARRIORS FOR INNOCENT DEFENSELESS ANIMALS! And yet another”unsung” hero!

  3. eleanor blue thunder higginbotham says:

    i have up dairy years ago due to inhumane treatment of cows, also gave up meat. strict inspections and prosecution for intentional abuse and neglect

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    Outrageous treatment of innocent babies….. WTF is wrong with these useless POSs??? WHY do they think that their cruelty is “acceptable”???

    Pure Evil……with reserved spots in Hell waiting where they will burn forever for their cruelty……. lock them up forever and lose the keys…… Should only leave prison in a pine box…… Hope they die horrible deaths alone (unloved), afraid and in awful pain……

  5. Diana Rowell says:

    Mike McCloskey is a LIAR! PERIOD! There is NO way he didn’t know about this because I KNOW someone who worked for him and he REPEATEDLY reported EGREGIOUS abuse on 2 occasions to the barn manager, but when it continued after his reports, he went DIRECTLY to McCloskey. He was fired 3 days later with NO reason, they said they just didn’t need him anymore.


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