Stolen dog Scooby greets NYPD at door of suspects Brooklyn home

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In Gravesend, Brooklyn, a stolen dog, named Scooby, greeted the NYPD after they knocked on the suspect’s door. The Golden retriever ran up to the door to greet the officers.

According to NbcNewYorkNews, Officers Nicholas Occhipinti and Anthony Brucato had been investigating burglaries in the area when they were tipped off after receiving a surveillance video from one of the victims. Cory Gaudio was recognized in the video and had previously been arrested. As officers arrived at his home to question him, Scooby ran to the door and greeted the officers. More stolen items were visible in the apartment.

After executing a search warrant, police recovered a stolen machete, a sword, a knife, narcotics, jewelry, credit cards, passports, green cars and Scooby’s dog leash with his name of it.

Scooby  has been reunited with his owner.

Gaudio has been charged with burglary, criminal possession of a weapon and additional counts.

(Photos via Nbc and NYPD)

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