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Stolen dog found duct taped and struggling to breathe

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Recently, an officer in Park Forest, Illinois, discovered a pit bull whose muzzle was found in duct tape. The dog was weak and struggling to breathe. As reported by the department, Officer Ryan Purdy made the shocking discovery on July 31 while conducting a premise exam on a vacant building on the south end of the village.

When the dog was found, he was so weak that he could barely walk and he was clearly in distress.  Officer Purdy rushed the dog to a local animal hospital and he was provided with emergency care.

The department explains how they determined that the dog was stolen:

During a subsequent investigation, it was learned the dog is named Anubis and was stolen from a nearby town in the summer of 2017. His owner has been notified and Anubis is continuing to be evaluated pending a reunion.

The police are hoping to find out more about where this dog has been for the past two years:

We’re currently taking additional investigative steps to learn who stole and abused Anubis. In the meantime, we’re asking for the public’s assistance. If you recognize Anubis and know who’s had him for the past two years, please contact Officer Purdy at ‪708-748-4701‬.

Find the Park Forest Police Department’s Facebook page here.

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