Still no break in case of missing South Carolina dog

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There is still no break in the case of a dog that went missing on September 27, 2019. The dog, Tess disappeared that night in what appeared to be an attempted burglary at the home of Lori Knight and her family. The Knight’s reside on Meadowfield Road in Gaston, South Carolina and were out that transporting animals for a rescue.

When they left the house, the doors and gates surrounding the property were all secured. When they returned, the gate was pushed outward, and the front door was open. In addition to Tess, the Knights also have a husky mix named Titan. Both dogs were gone from the premise when the Knights returned home that evening.

They immediately went looking for their dogs and surprisingly they found Titan limping up the road back to the house, but Tess was not with him.  The dogs were always inseparable; Titan would never have left Tess by herself.

The only clues to Tess’s disappearance lay on some samples of her fur and blood found on the gate and a tracking dog following Tess’s scent in a two-mile circle around the Knight’s property. Now it’s been a month since Tess vanished, and the family has been living a nightmare no dog owner ever wants to go through.

What is very strange about this case is, no one has seen Tess anywhere. The Knights put out missing dog fliers, went door to door asking if anyone had seen the dog, contacted all vet’s offices and shelters in the area, but no one had sighted her. How could a dog just vanish into thin air?  And, Tess was micro-chipped, so if someone found her wandering, they could easily trace her back to the Knights.

Since Tess went missing, Lori Knight and her husband have been searching day and night canvasing neighborhoods and deeply wooded areas. Lexington County Sheriff’s Office and Lexington County Animal Control have also been helping in the search for Tess.

The Knights also used the services of Black River Search and Rescue to aide in the search for Tess. They made three attempts with their crew and a search dog who traced Tess’s scent around her home. Unfortunately, heavy rains hindered any further searching due to the loss of the scent.

The Knights are very concerned about Tess and her possible whereabouts; Not just because it has been a month that Tess has been without proper food, water, or shelter, but because she recently had surgery and has twenty staples down her back. She needs medication to treat that along with her cancer.

Tess is more than just a dog to the Knights; she is their baby, they have loved and cared for her for most of her life. She is a member of their family. Their hearts are broken thinking of her so far from home alone, exhausted and frightened. They think the night of the break-in something scared her enough to go running so far that she can’t find her way home.  She may be hiding somewhere in the woods too frightened or injured to come out.

Many have helped in the search for Tess. Lori Knight has warned all searchers to not attempt to chase Tess as she will run further out of fright. If someone does spot her, please call the Knights and have them approach her. As each day goes by, Tess is getting weaker and further away from her home.

Someone out there must know something. Dogs don’t just vanish without a trace. There is a reward offered for the safe return of Tess, no questions asked.  The Knights will not give up until they find their baby, or she finds her way home.

If anyone thinks they may have seen Tess or know her whereabouts, please call the Knights at 423-327-0210.

The next step in finding Tess is to hire a professional search crew known as Epic Recovery. This will be costly, and unfortunately, the family cannot afford it. But the Knights are willing to do whatever it takes to bring their dog home and put out a plea for donors to help with the search fees by giving to the GOFUNDME that has been set up.

This may be the one and only chance to get Tess home safely.

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  1. I don’t think there is anything much worse than your dog disappearing and and not knowing what happened. I pray they find her safe and sound.


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