Special needs dog that nobody wants

Special needs dog pulled nearly 2 years ago from shelter – now nobody seems to want him

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Nearly two years ago, a special needs dog was pulled from an animal shelter in Arlington, Texas. The now senior dog, named Martin, goes to every adoption event with the rescue group which took him in, but nobody seems to want him.

Martin’s advocate, Lisa, tells the Pet Rescue Report about this sweet dog’s medical issues:

Not long after we got him,
we found out that he has seizures.  He’s on medication but he does
have breakthrough seizures every few months and his meds need to be
adjusted.  We also recently found out, he has an underactive thyroid.

But Martin is more than an occasional seizure…and more than an eight-year young dog. He is a sweet boy who is house-trained, eager to please, and amicable with other dogs and people. But nobody seems to care – his advocate writes:

Nobody seems to want to adopt him. He goes
to our adoption events every weekend and has for the past two years
but he gets no attention.


He’s a good boy, crate trained, gets along
great with other dogs and people of all ages, including kids, he’s
also fine with cats.

Will you please help Martin find his forever home? He deserves to find his own family and to be loved and cared for until he draws his last breath. You can find Martin’s Petfinder link here.

Questions or offers to adopt? Please email: poochsavers@gmail.com

Location: Dallas, Texas

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Both my husband and I had epileptic family dogs. Other than an occasional “breakthrough seizure”, medications controlled their conditions. They were like ANY OTHER furbaby: begged for treats, snuggled, hated bathies, loved car rides, loved Grammy & Grampy…..

    I wished I lived closer. This precious treasure is adorable!!! He deserves a loving furever home ASAP…….


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