Special adopter sought for differently-abled puppy

Special adopter needed for differently abled puppy
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A rescue group in Washington is seeking a special adopter, for an adorable, differently abled puppy named Opal. The darling bulldog was born on October 16, and a birth defect has left her unable to use her back legs.

Rescued Hearts Northwest writes:

She is the most amazing puppy you will ever meet. Opal was born with Spina Bifida but her perseverance is inspiring to everyone who meets her. Opal can not use her back legs so can not walk but she is the best little scooter in town.

She can scoot almost as fast as her mama and sister can run. Some who meet Opal feel sad for her but there is no need for sadness because Opal is in no pain. She is a an active, playful puppy and if we are being honest she has no idea that her way of life is “different.”

The right adopter

Opal is darling, and quite capable of enjoying her life, but she does require a special adopter who can attend to all of her needs. The rescue agency explained:

Because of Opals disability she will require a home with someone who is as special as she is and can handle her special needs and a home with either no children or older children. Due to the Spina Bifida Opal has no feeling in her back end. This means that Opal is incontinent and has to wear diapers so she needs someone who is home a majority of the time so she can be kept clean. Opal has to be on a specific dog food called Nulo. Her diet must consist of both canned food and kibble.

Opal loves people, and dogs…and even cats! She’s an adorable pup who wants to fully enjoy her life. You can help her find her special someone by sharing this article, with her adoption information.

Interested? Complete an application for adoption at this link.

Follow Opal’s rescue group on Facebook here.

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