Steers shot

Someone shot caged steer and longhorn while family was at hospital

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A Utah family was shocked to discover that someone had fatally shot their prized Longhorn bull and a Black Angus steer calf while they were away at a hospital welcoming a new baby to the world. On October 18, Mark Mecham recounted the horrible discovery made at their Mayfield ranch when they returned home:

We return from a very happy family occasion to find someone has shot our 3 year old Texas Longhorn bull and a Black Angus steer calf. I’m not sure what kind of thrill people get out of shooting caged animals.

Mecham told Fox 13 News, “They’re such trusting and gentle creatures.”

There was evidence that the animals did not die immediately, Mecham tells the news agency,

“When I walked up to him, you could see where his face had been in the dirt and where his nose and his horns had actually been going back and forth, so he didn’t just drop and die in an instant. It was hard to see him in that position and know that he didn’t just die, he actually did suffer.”

On Facebook, the family announced the offering of a $2500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for the cruel crime.

Anyone with information should reach out to the authorities in Mayfield.

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