Jimmy Johns founder poses with dead elephant

Social media outrage after image of Jimmy John’s founder posing with dead elephant

Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy John’s restaurants, is facing widespread outrage from social media users following a widely circulated image of him posing with a dead elephant that he apparently killed. As reported by AOL.com, animal lovers are calling for a boycott of the Jimmy John’s restaurants in response to the offensive photo.

The image, posted to Twitter in April, began circulating widely on Friday and the backlash has been swift. One person Tweeted:

Jimmy John Liautaud is a despicable, disgusting piece of garbage who can only find joy in slaughtering big game & endangered species by paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get his rocks off by doing it. SHUT HIM DOWN #BoycottJimmyJohn

And another:

Why does Jimmy John Liautaud consider the murder of an intelligent creature an event to celebrate? Has mankind fallen so far? His actions shame us all.


The CEO & founder of

@jimmyjohns, JimmyJohnLiautaud, caught & exposed Elephant hunting via his own trophy photos. Boycott JimmyJohn‘s ! Boycott JJ !! 

A deluge of scathing remarks about Liautaud can be found with the trending #BoycottJimmyJohns hashtag on Twitter. Disgusted social media users are also leaving comments on the official Jimmy John’s Twitter account.

Will the outrage make a difference? There are nearly 3,000 restaurants in the Jimmy John’s chain…do enough people care about trophy hunting to put a dent in the chain’s business? Time will tell.

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