Given up hope after over 1000 days of being homeless

So sad – dog has given up hope after being homeless at shelter for over 1000 days

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A middle-aged dog is so very sad, and she has given up hope because she has been held at an animal shelter for over 1000 days. Days without her own home…days without a family of her own. Her name is Kayla and she is a resident at the Associated Humane Tinton Falls facility in New Jersey.

Nearly a month ago, the facility wrote:

Kayla the beautiful sweetheart💕🐾

😔Over 1,000 days waiting to be adopted because she wishes to be the only pet in the house. She lays and faces the wall and sleeps all day unless a volunteer or staff member takes her out. She has given up hope. 💔 😢

Kayla is described as initially shy, but then a “cuddlebug” after warming up. A volunteer who met her writes:

I’ve met Kayla on walks. She is so sweet. She is gentle. She is beautiful. I mean it, she was so calm and was happy to be marching along. I gently said hello and she politely let me talk to her, lol. All this just meeting her on a walk!! I pray an amazing human worthy of her will welcome her to their home & heart. 💗💗💗

Why has Kayla been overlooked for so long? She prefers to be the only dog…but isn’t there someone out there who wants just one canine friend? Please help Kayla find her family by sharing this article – networking is powerful!

Find Kayla’s Facebook thread here.

2960 Shafto Rd (2,416.81 mi)
Tinton Falls, New Jersey 07753

Phone: (732) 922-0100

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