Small dog rescued after being trapped by robotic vacuum cleaner

In Ballwin, Missouri, a small dog had to be rescued by the police this week after he became trapped by a robotic vacuum cleaner. Megan Dunavant had been cleaning her house when Stonewall, her senior ShihTzu, had been caught by the tail; there was no way to get him loose.

According to KsdkNews, the 14-pound pup was partly at faulty. The dog barely moves and isn’t afraid of vacuums. And as Megan was cleaning, suddenly she noticed her Bobsweep Pet Hair robotic vacuum had shut off next to the dog. As she bent over to turn the vacuum back on, Stonewall cried out! That’s when Megan realized what happened.

The vacuum had sucked in the dog’s long tail. Stonewall tried his best to get loose, and between the dog’s “alligator roll,” his cries of fright and a newborn baby in the home, Megan called 911.

The police rushed over, and admittedly this was a first for the Ballwin Police Officer Scott Stephens, Stonewall was soon freed from the monstrous vacuum trying to eat him up.

“It was kind of like a 1,2,3, he’s covered, you flip this over and take the flashlight,” stated Megan.

Since it was only Stonewall’s tail caught, the police officer gave him a quick trim and freed him.

Stonewall is no longer allowed in the same room with the vacuum. Of course, we can understand why.

(Photos via screenshots KsdkNews)

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