Slated to die: 3 dogs at shelter for 72 hours escape death sentence

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At a rural Texas animal shelter, three dogs that had been there for the state required 72 hours were slated to die on Tuesday. A Boxer who appeared too thin, a German shepherd mix and a puppy waited in the parking lot on the animal control truck. Their euthanasia orders also waited on the passenger side of the truck.

So why were they ordered to be euthanized? According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who hurried to their rescue, the dogs only suffered from mange and skin infections.

“A vet tech at the Vet where they were brought to in for euthanasia called us in a panic, asking if we could help them,” co-founder of the rescue organization, Stacey Silverstein wrote on the group’s Facebook page. “… Because they had been at the shelter for 72 hours and they both have Mange and skin infections?

How could we sit by and do nothing knowing they are being killed for no reason?”

The dogs are safe, and will need a complete medical workup, care, boarding, transport and spay and neuter procedures. As of now, there is no further information about the dogs.

Check out the brief video:

SLATED FOR EUTHANASIA RIGHT NOW!!!! Dogs Are Safe ..The injections are full and ready to be used ! Their fate is in all of our hands!We decide whether they live or die right now !The boxer waits in the parking lot and the shepherd mix is still on the ACO truck They have no idea they are about to die These 2 dogs were brought into our local vet in Texas by a shelter for EUTHANASIA… Why ?????Because they have been at the shelter for 72 hours and they both have MANGE and Skin Infections THIS IS WHY THEY ARE BEING EUTHANIZED !!!! A vet tech at the Vet where they were brought in for Euthanasia , called us in a panic , asking if we could help them HOW COULD WE SIT BY AND DO NOTHING, KNOWING THEY ARE BEING KILLED FOR NO REASON Our funds are low and our intake is at an all time high !!!It will cost at a minimum $2000 to SAVE them They need a complete medical work up , medical care , vet boarding , Transport , Spay/Neuter We have no information on them yet WE MUST RAISE $2000 at a minimum Please we are begging for help !!DONATIONS NEEDED NOW Https://

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Updates to follow.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    NO SURPRISE that there are angels in vet offices! And, of course, we already know about the angels at Rescue Dogs Rock!


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