Six day old puppies have ‘rescue hold’ while mom left behind

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Friday update as per Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need:

“5400459 Mom (hold) and Puppies 541164 (hold) 541165 (hold) 54166 (died in kennel) 9/13 shelter staff confirmed that this puppy died in the kennel yesterday.”

In an unexplained heartbreaking situation, six-day-old puppies have a “rescue hold” while the mother dog waits to be euthanized at the Harris County Animal Shelter.

Scroll down for the update

Check out the video posted on Wednesday:

According to Harris County Animal Pets in Needs, the puppies  now have a hold, but not the mother dog named Rosa, who was surrendered on August 19. The two-year-old brown brindle is an American Staffordshire terrier.

Harris County Animal Shelter Pets In Need

23 hrs

540059 Mom (9/13) and Puppies 541164, 541165, 541166 (Puppies have a HOLD)

Mom A540059 **Need Help** These animals are looking for a safe place, and there is no time to lose. To ensure safety, these animals need an adoption hold or foster by 5:30pm OR a rescue group to claim by 5:50 pm FRIDAY 9/13. Only takes one person to save! ADOPT! FOSTER!

Notes from the shelter indicate the puppies were born on September 6 and are not old enough to be taken from their mother. Animal advocates continue to question why puppies so young would be separated from their mother. A medical report for Rosa indicates she has an open wound on her side. Notes suggest she was “aggressive when they tried to doctor the wound.”

In all fairness to the shelter and to the organization agreeing to help, it is possible the rescue hold on the mother dog was accidentally dropped. 

Update @ 10:00 a.m Thursday posted:

Please note I just received the following update. Please act accordingly- share the plight of this family with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Hello Cheryl,

Sorry , none of these babies or Rosa have a hold . This was an error they all need a tag . They will all be saved together . We do  not separate neonatal  babies from their mother like that . I do apologize for any confusion . I have corrected this error. They will now all show available. As they all need a rescue tag .

Thank you and again sorry for the confusion .


For the most recent information, animal advocates and concerned rescuers are urged to contact the shelter’s rescue coordinator. Please be respectful.
Subject: 540059 mom and 541164-166 puppies

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  1. Debbie Holcomb says:

    A 2nd rescue put a hold on this family yesterday. The 3rd pup did pass away in the kennels yesterday. Now all links are down, so waiting confirmation that the 2nd rescue pulled Momma and the 2 surviving pups. Pups can get sick so easily in a shelter environment.


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