Sick human greed – baby elephant who had to perform tricks dies after two legs broke

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A baby elephant in Thailand, forced to perform tricks to entertain humans, died after breaking his rear two legs. As reported by the Daily Mail, the three-year-old elephant named Dumbo “snapped” his rear legs – the devastating injuries were not noticed for days.

The non-profit activist organization, Moving Animals, wrote:

The campaign revealed his “skeletal” body to the world, which raised concerns that he was ill. It now turns out that he had an infection in his digestive tract, and he became so weak that his back legs snapped beneath him. Despite this, the zoo did not realise his legs were broken for three days, until the baby elephant was finally taken to an elephant hospital.

For “Dumbo” to die whilst under the so-called “care” and “treatment” of the zoo shows just how neglected these animals are in captivity.

Activists had hoped to see the young elephant relieved from his entertainment duties and transferred to a sanctuary…but that day of freedom never came. The manager of the Phuket Zoo, where Dumbo lived, denies that there was any abuse.


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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Makes you wonder “how” and “how long” the murderers will have to “pay” for this ULTIMATE TRAGEDY! It should be nothing less than HELL!


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