Shelter thought ‘she was dead’ but dog in severe pain barely moved

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The staff at the St. Landry Animal Rescue in southern Louisiana “thought she was dead … she was just resting. Holy mess.” A two-year-old German shepherd barely recognizable as to her breed, covered in mange with her body on fire from a severe secondary infection was rescued on Tuesday evening.

“She just lays, her flesh burst with movement … she can not move out of sheer pain…,” the humane organization posted on their Facebook page with the heartbreaking photos of Miss Lead lying in the corner of her outside kennel.

Late last night, Miss Lead was rescued. Her medical needs are critical.

Staff members and volunteers were outraged at the dog’s neglect. It is unknown if her owners will be charged with neglect.

“TO THE OWNER, SHAME ON YOU! HORRIBLE. Tomorrow we start a healing process… NEW DAY, NEW LIFE…”

Miss Lead needs help. Donations  can be made:

PayPal to [email protected]
Or her vet team,Bellevue 337-942-7126
Shelter #337-948-6184

Updates to follow.

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