Abandoned dog found with note from former owner

Shelter takes in abandoned dog with note from owner who became homeless

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A Delaware shelter has taken in an abandoned dog who was found with a note explaining that her owner became homeless and could no longer care for her. On Thursday, the Delaware Humane Association introduced Facebook followers to Sky, the abandoned dog found with a note from her former owner:

This blue and white chocolate dipped girl was roaming freely with an incredibly oversized, spiked leather harness with a bag attached and a note inside saying, “Please take care of Sky. She is 6 years old and friendly. I couldn’t take care of her, I became homeless and couldn’t feed her. She is not sick just hungry, very friendly. Please find her a home. Please.” 

The shelter expressed gratitude that Sky made it to them “before it was too late,” and asked for compassion to be shown to her former owner. The shelter wrote, “We can’t imagine this was easy for her former owner, so please refrain from expressing any negative thoughts you may have.”

Helping Sky

The shelter has outlined various ways that supporters can assist Sky:

If you are looking to start the New Year off in the most special way and want to help care for Sky and other animals like her, please head over to delawarehumane.org/donate/donate-now/#helping-hands, select restricted, and enter the note “Sky’s the Limit” to ensure your gift is designated appropriately. If you are looking to help Sky get to a proper weight and safely, head over to our Amazon Wishlist (link here: smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1GGJ22D04KQX7) to have items shipped directly to us such as Sensitive Skin & Stomach dry food, wet dog food and a variety of enrichment items, many of which will slow down her eating to help prevent further medical issues.

(Image via Delaware Humane Association FB page)

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Just smiling through it all…

7 replies
  1. SueBiss says:

    I don’t hold anything against the owner. It had to be the hardest thing for the owner to do! Sometimes the situation is beyond what we can handle and we need to surrender our dog. It is better than the dog starving or being just abandoned to get hit by a car and killed. I am facing looking for a new place to live/rent and I am trying very hard to find a place that will take dogs especially two dogs. My dogs are on the sm/med size but I am scared I will have to give up the younger one or the older one or both!

    • ACE says:

      Try looking on Craigs list for your area, even posting your own ad. Also Google your area for rentals that accept dogs. They are out there. Perhaps a mobile, on it’s own land? This story is so sad, and I am soory for the despaerate owner, and home that they are safe too.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    So you lost your home and can’t take care of and feed your dog anymore. Wouldn’t the responsible thing to do be taking the dog to the shelter rather than abandoning her with a note to fend for herself and possibly get killed? No sympathy for the owner from me, I’m sorry this was NOT the way the situation should have been handled!

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    In THIS day and age::: It is a PRIVLIDGE for those of US that are able to have a Home of Our Own for our animals… Good God!! taxes, utilities, medical bills, repairs, taxes.. NO SOCIAL SECURITY INCREASE … cost of FOOD for Ourselves LET alone our PETS :::Have a LITTLE BIT of COMPASSION for SOMEONE WHO is DESPERATE!!! Yet appears to LOVE their ANIMAL ::: Maybe they were AFRAID of exactly WHAT I always since posting here are People that have really become downright judgemental and contrite… Sometimes out of fear, stress, uncertainty, economic despair , people just can’t think straight and don’t know how to seek help, and when they do they are “TALKED DOWN TO AND BELITTLED” Shame on US that do that!!!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Support those who are trying to do the best for their dogs. May not be what you would have done, but this is what they came up with.Instead of berating people like this,helping them find a home for themselves and their pet or at least a valid home for their dog, would be the most helpful thing those of us who have the ability to care for our pets should do.


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