Twists and turns - fire dog back with owner

Shelter pleads for home for dog who lost family in devastating fire

On Wednesday evening, a Virginia animal shelter reached out to the public with a plea for help for a dog who lost everything within a 24-hour period of time. The dog, Tank, wound up at the Humane Society of Amherst County after a devastating fire destroyed his home and killed his owners.

In a poignant posting, written from Tank’s perspective, the gravity of the situation was shared with Facebook followers:

Dear Santa,

Last night was a night – that will be forever embedded in my brain. It was hot. Smelly. I could barely breathe. A blanket of smoke all around as I saw my home go up in flames. The fire swallowed my house. The fire took everything from me. Not only did it take my home, it took my human and my canine siblings. It took the only important thing in my life. My family.

The letter continues:

I don’t want to sound too needy as I know there are other deserving homeless animals all around… I know every other year I ask for something much more simple and a little easier to find. A new collar, a toy, maybe a few treats. This year…I just want a home filled with love, like my last one.

And a sad request:

Santa, I know that if there’s a miracle out there, you can make it happen. I know I said I only wanted one thing… but, I have one more favor to ask. Please let my human and doggie siblings know that I’m okay, that I miss them all so much already. That’s the most important thing.

The response to the shelter’s plea has been amazing. The staff has requested that anyone who is interested in providing Tank with a new home complete an online application at this link.

Find the shelter’s Facebook page here.

More at WSET News.

(Image via Facebook)

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