Dog adopted to new family after woman's ex surrendered him

Shelter found dog a new home after woman’s ex surrendered him without permission

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A Florida woman is desperate to find her dog, who was recently adopted out to a new family. On June 8, Sarah Land wrote a public Facebook post with the hopes of locating her missing dog, Steel:

HELP MAKE VIRAL!! I just found out that my ex husband surrendered our dog without telling me! He was adopted only a few days ago from the SPCA – Largo. If anyone knows someone who adopted my dog, Steel, PLEASE tell them his real mommy, his 5 year old little sister, and his best friend (my cat) WANT HIM BACK!

As reported by ABC Action News, the microchip in Steel was registered to Sarah, but the contact information was not up to date, so the shelter verified ownership by contacting the dog’s veterinarian and a boarding facility. When the shelter learned about Sarah, they did reach out to Steel’s new owner…but that person he was adopted to has not responded to them.

Sarah claims that she was not aware that Steel had been surrendered because she was not allowed to have contact with her ex-husband…and she insists that she would have never agreed to give up her dog. According to the news agency, Sarah’s ex was caring for Steel because she was not in a dog-friendly residence after they split up…she has since moved into a home where Steel can join her.

Sarah has alerted the authorities about what happened, but the are unable to assist her.

The shelter issued a statement to ABC Action News about the situation:

Steel was surrendered to SPCA Tampa Bay in early April by the person who owned him for the past seven years. We verified his ownership through our intake process, which includes checking his microchip information. SPCA Tampa Bay cares for pets when they need it most. We provided medical attention to return Steel to good health, and he was available for adoption for 27 days before being adopted. His photo and profile were posted to our website and to our social media accounts during the time he was available for adoption. SPCA Tampa Bay followed the appropriate processes to care for this pet, and found a family who will love and care for him.”

(Image via Facebook screenshot)

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2 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m willing to bet her POS Ex did this just to hurt her. NEVER leave you dog with the ex as something like this will most likely happen.The dog was NOT surrendered to the SPCA by the owner, Steel was registered in her name and the shelter should have moved heaven and earth to verify with HER that she wanted to surrender her dog. A Veterinarian and Boarding facility shouldn’t be allowed to give the ok. I hope the people that adopted her dog will find it in their heart to give the dog back to her. How would they like it if this had happened to them?

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    This precious dog needs a loving “stable” environment! Doesn’t sound like the original owner can provide that!


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