Shelter asks for help after finding dog with chain pierced through her neck

A shelter in Wyoming reached out to the public on January 2 – asking for help in a disturbing case of animal cruelty involving a stray dog with a disturbing and undoubtedly painful pierce. In a public Facebook post, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter detailed how the dog was discovered:

Cheyenne Animal Control needs your help! A dog was recently turned in as a stray with a carabiner attached to a chain piercing through her neck. She is a pit bull/mix, and we believe she recently had puppies.

The reaction to the cruelty

The post, shared within the past hour, has already been shared hundreds of times and dozens of people have left comments of disgust and dismay. One person wrote:

I hope someone will speak up. Someone knows who’s dog this was and saw what happened to it. The pain this poor dog had to feel having that hang from her neck makes me sick to my stomach. Time to make this person pay for what they did.

And another:

It is scary how seriously sick some people are. Praying for everyone at the shelter who help these animals in need of their care!

Information needed

Anyone who has information about the dog, or who is responsible for hurting her, is asked to contact Cheyenne Animal Control at 307-635-1453.

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