No Jail time for woman who left dog to die in car

She left her dog to suffer and die in parked car and she won’t be going to jail

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It is the type of “punishment” that makes animal lovers furious…a punishment which isn’t really a punishment at all. According to Channel 3000,  after Debbie Rohloff pleaded no contest to charges resulting from her leaving her dog to die in a parked car, she was given just probation.

Rohloff had no explanation for leaving her golden retriever, Kaylee, in a parked car in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on July 11. Kaylee died from heat stroke after three agonizing hours inside of the vehicle which was parked outside Lambeau Field.

Though Rohloff acknowledged that she knew that her dog was inside of the parked car, and confirmed that she hadn’t simply forgotten, she still won’t be headed to jail. Instead, the judge sentenced Rohloff to a year of probation and ordered her to work 50 hours at an animal shelter organization – the judge also rejected the prosecutor’s request that she be prohibited from owning pets in the future.

Prior article about this case here.

(Image via screenshot WBAY News)

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3 replies
  1. Pennys dachshunds says:

    ONE MAY ASK “JUST WHAT TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP DID THE MORE THAN EVIL BITCH HAVE WITH THE JUDGE”! Related such as “Shirt tail Relatives”!! This Is Simply Not Justice at All… The Judge needs to be recalled and terminated in the next election… I Sure as hell hope Animal Advocate Groups Start and State Wide Petition!!! Shamefull!!!!

  2. Larry says:

    Why doesn’t someone lock that sorry judge in a car in the heat for 3 hours and see how much sympathy he/she has for the woman he/she gave such a lenient sentence to. Judges like this one make every animal loving person want to throw up. Animal cruelty will continue until the entire legal system begins to take it seriously and award punichments thatr actually fit the crime. The judge – probably some liberal SOB who feels more sorry for the victim than the criminal.


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