Severely matted pup dumped at shelter for trying to bite during grooming

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At the Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida, animal advocates, the shelter staff and volunteers are upset and angry when a severely matted 10-pound dog was surrendered to the shelter on Sunday because he tried to bite his owner while being groomed.

“Due to the deplorable condition he is in, he is not available for adoption. The shelter would like to see him go into the care of one of their rescue partners,” a volunteer from the Friends of Orlando Shelter Pets posted on their Facebook page for help.

Bean was in terrible pain and was so severely matted with urine, feces and salivary stains the shelter had to sedate him just to cut him down in order to groom him. Only three-years-old, it is not even known if this little dog had ever known kindness and love.

At this point, it is not known if Bean has any other issues. Often when dogs are so neglected as this one, there could be underlying medical issues that can’t be diagnosed until he undergoes a full physical examination. Bean is only three-years-old, weighs 10 pounds and is heart worm negative.

Bean’s adoption information

Please note the following and share with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts.

“Due to serious temperament and/or medical issues, this animal is only available to be rescued by an Animal Services registered rescue partner. Find out more about the Animal Services rescue program. View the full list of our rescue partners. If you are interested in helping this pet we recommend reaching out to the rescue partners for their assistance.

I am currently NOT available for adoption.
Orange County Animal Services is located at 2769 Conroy Road, Orlando, Florida 32839.

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