Senior dog cries for family who surrendered him

Senior dog cries for family who owned him since he was a pup

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A senior dog, surrendered to an animal shelter in Attleboro, Massachusetts, is crying for the family who owned him since he was just a pup. The Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter posted photos of the now homeless dog on Tuesday, writing of the emotional surrender by his owners:

It was one of the most emotional surrenders! Everyone including dog Shadow was crying.

Explaining why Shadow is now at the shelter instead of at home with his people:

He’s had the same family since he was a pup, so very sad. His family had to sell their home and go into an apartment. The family friend that was supposed to take Shadow bailed out last minute (which is why he is now with us). 

Staff at the facility can hear the senior dog crying for the people that he loves:

Late in the day when things start to get quiet at the shelter, you can hear shadow bellowing, low long howl and just crying as dogs do. Breaks our hearts.

Shadow’s matted coat has been shaved away and now he is ready for someone to give him a second chance.

Senior dog cries for his familyAccording to the shelter, he needs to live in a home without other dogs or small children. Staff and volunteers are committed to standing by this sad dog until the right home is found:

Our job now is to find him his final home. A home that will understand he’s been thru a lot. A family that will understand he is grieving. Our job is to be Shadows personal cheerleading team and remind him that he’s beautiful inside and out.

Shadow’s Facebook thread here.


27 Pond Street N
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Call (774) 203-1862

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