Second whale died at SeaWorld in Orlando

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A second whale rescued by SeaWorld in Orlando has died after what experts called “persistent health concerns.” Fredi’s species, a short-finned pilot whale was one of the animals saved after a mass stranding in 2011. A federal agency determined he could not be returned to the wild.

Fredi has been one of 24 whales stranded in the Florida Keyes. Most died even though volunteers and experts tried to save them. SeaWorld had been on site for months aiding in the rescue efforts.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Fredi’s death leaves SeaWorld with three other pilot whales now living at Shamu Stadium.

“In recent months she had been showing signs of fatigue and loss of appetite,” SeaWorld posted, adding that veterinarians had been treating the whale for an infection.

Fredi is the second what this year that has died at SeaWorld. In January, an orca, Kayla died from unknown causes.

A necrospy has been ordered for Fredi.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Why can’t people learn that keeping whales in captivity is SLOW MURDER?!
    PLEASE support Oceana and, among others, to END THIS!


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