Sales rep from AT&T fired for kicking pet duck outside owner’s home

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How cruel does someone have to be to kick a small duck just for the heck of it? In Palm Beach County, Florida, a sales representative from AT&T kicked one in the owner’s front yard, and the despicable action was caught on the homeowner’s video through a RING camera.

According to WptvNews, Kaitlyn Baker had been caring for the duck more than a month and named him Crackers. The friendly little feathered friend quacked himself right into the family’s heart and slept in bed and even went on car rides.

The AT&T sales representative rang the family’s doorbell on Wednesday afternoon, but no one was home. The man was then caught on video at the front door identifying himself as from AT&T. As he walked backwards across the front yard, Crackers came out and started following the man and just as the friendly little duck approached the man, he kicked it across the lawn.

The family’s daughter later found the duck lying belly up and thought he was dead. And even then the AT&T man came to the door again and tried to sell his services to Baker.

Fortunately Crackers is expected to recover.

The best news however – the subcontractor for AT&T has been fired. His name has not been released.

Get well soon Crackers.

(Photo screenshot via video and WptvNews)

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2 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Super congratulations and applause to AT&T for doing what is RIGHT!


  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Just when you think you have heard it all…..

    WTF was this POS thinking???
    Sales Strategy: “I try to kill their pet and they will want to buy services from me”…….

    Uh, NO, it actually doesn’t work out that way…… Now if he had been caught on camera trying to feed the little duck his lunch…… well, subsequent events would have been quite different (& he probably would still be employed)……. I am glad that AT&T terminated his employment.

    I am very glad Crackers received veterinary care and is back home with his family.

    I hope the family can create a “safe space” for Crackers where he can be safe from predators (animal, avian, reptilian, & human)…… In my area, a hawk or eagle would have “snagged him in a heartbeat”………

    The POS who hurt Crackers should be locked up (& get serious counseling) to protect the rest of society from his violent behavior (if he would hurt a small duck, what would he do to a cat, dog, toddler or elderly person in his way)??? IMHO, this POS will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty…….


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