Sad mistake for death row dog

Sad mistake results in death row dog being walked back to his kennel

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On Thursday, a death row dog experienced brief elation as he was walked out of his kennel run to what he thought was sweet freedom. An advocate writes of the sad mistake which led Goliath to believe that he had been saved:

The saddest thing happened yesterday. Goliath was brought out of his kennel and walked all the way out of the building. He was so happy, he was walking proud and then someone realized Goliath was the wrong dog being rescued.

With a description of the dog’s quick change in demeanor when he realized what was really happening:

Goliath was turned around, he was walked back into the Palmdale Shelter In Southern California with his short squatty body and wide head hung low and instantly depressed.

Sadly, Goliath may never get the chance to walk to freedom again. Five days ago, the Friends of Palmdale Shelter Dogs let Facebook followers know that Goliath’s life is in jeopardy:

URGENT! 5 DAY PLEA sent out on 10/17! The Palmdale Care Center would like to secure a placement for this dog by 10/22/2019! Owner surrender due to the previous owner not having enough time.

According to the Friends of Palmdale Shelter Dogs, Goliath has not displayed any signs of aggression.

Please consider taking a moment to network Goliath’s information. He didn’t ask to lose his original home. And he surely does not want to die.

Website link to Goliath here.


Palmdale Animal Care Center
38550 Sierra Highway, Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 575-2888

Note: The Pet Rescue Report is NOT the point of contact for this dog. Please direct all inquiries about demeanor, health and availability to the animal control agency.

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