Ruff work: Firemen rescue puppy stuck in dryer vent hole

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In Oklahoma City, a puppy had a “ruff” day on Wednesday after he became stuck in a dryer vent tube hole by his head. Fortunately, fire fighters from the Oklahoma City Fire Department came to his rescue.

Fire officials used dish soap to lubricate the puppy’s head so they could “ease the panicked pooch back out.”

And now we all know how clever our firefighters are with words and never a disappointing moment when they tweeted out  their success saving the adorable little pooch:

“Today firefighters from Engine 14 rescued a dog that stuck his head through a dryer vent tube hole in the wall. Dish soap was sued to lube up the dog’s head so firefighters could ease the panicked pooch back out. “Slick” work, Engine 14! You do “suds” amazing work!”

Many thanks to our heroes who never hesitate to help.

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