Puppy's ears ripped off

Reward offered! Puppy found with ears ripped off

A rescue agency in Modesto, California, is offering a reward for information about whoever maimed a puppy who was found with both ears ripped off. Bandits Furends alerted Facebook followers to the disturbing situation two days ago, writing:

This is heart breaking!!!!! We got a call early this morning regarding a puppy at MOES homeless camp with its ears ripped off and black electrical tape stuck to one ear.

The non-profit group expressed dismay and heartbreak over the pup’s condition, writing:

Our hearts are broken. Why and how could someone do this to a poor innocent animal? I hope one day this person is found and have the same treatment bestowed upon them. That’s putting it nicely. AC has been called and a report made.

The puppy, dubbed Tank, was rushed to a veterinarian and is doing well after being treated. On Friday, the rescue agency wrote:

Tank is doing amazing and will make a full recovery!! He has no ears left. He’s very happy full of kisses and tail wags!!! He will be going home in a few days. He’s sooooooo beautiful. He makes my heart melt!!!!! video in comments ❤️❤️🐾🐾

Commending the veterinary hospital for their part in helping him:

Dr. B and his staff at American Pet Clinic. They have donated ALL vet care for Tank. They are covering ALL medical bills!!!

The rescue group had been fundraising for Tank’s care and has offered to refund donations to anyone who requests it. For those who want to pay it forward, there is an alternate option thanks to an idea the rescue organization has discussed with the staff at American Pet Clinic. Bandits Furends explains:

We would love to use your donations to start a program called Tank your heart. This program will offer vet care needs to our homeless pets. Spay/neuter shots and emergency vet care at American Pet Clinic in Ceres. We will also offer free transport for the fur baby’s to the vet and back home. If you would like your donation returned please contact us.

Reward offered

Someone out there knows who is responsible for Tank’s mutilated ears. A $500 reward is offered for information leading to the identification and prosecution of that person. Have a tip? Please contact the Modesto Police Department and reference Case number MP19028162

Find the rescue group on Facebook here.

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